Guidance & Counselling

Empowerment means developing and encouraging the understanding one’s own skills. In the process of counselling and guidance, learners not only learn about the profession of their interest, but also learn how to gather information or to make knowledge. They learn what basic skills they need for good learning results.


This is very important for the concept of lifelong learning. Especially learners or clients with low learning abilities need these basic skills to make their further career successful. They need to take ownership of their capabilities by discussing with their advisers at the start of the counselling or guidance process what they already know about a subject and what they would like to find out. As they explore why someone would consider a topic important enough to require, they not only make new connections to their own interests but can also begin to define criteria of excellence based on examples drawn from their own experience.


In other words, trainers give the car key and support their learners to learn to drive their own education in a supportive context. The objective is to involve them routinely in articulating the criteria for excellent work, and to evaluate their goals.


In this field, Silvia Danninger has contributed, between 2000 and 2006, her experience to the following projects:


Best Selection of vocational guidance methods

Soft Skills

Labour Office & Clients