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Guidelines for Counselling Disadvantaged Adults

There is a widespread need to detect basic skills deficiencies during early stages of social, vocational or educational counselling. Because people who are embarrassed by their lack of literacy and numeracy skills successfully hide their deficits, advisers working in these fields have to be trained to employ strategies and methods to carefully unveil these facts without offending the social and cultural integrity of their clients.

The project developed "Guidelines for Counselling Disadvantaged Adults". They sensitise, inform and train advisers in order to detect people with illiteracy or borderline basic skills, help them to develop self-confidence, advise them on training possibilities, maintain motivation and re-orient their potential of creativity.



Project coordinator: BEST Training, Austria, with contribution of E-C-C founding member Silvia Schrroeder-Danninger

Duration: November 2002 – March 2005