Family Caregiver Support

Strategies and Tools to Promote Caregivers’ Mental and Emotional Health

The overall objective of this project is to empower care giving family members and to provide access not only to relevant medical information, but also to psychological support for their own needs. The goal is to focus on “Caring for You” and “Caring for the Individual”.

During the project the Family Caregiver Support Consortium will create Guidelines and a Resource Pack that aims at:

  • empowering citizens to develop self-confidence and patients competence in their caring for family members with mental illness.
  • ensuring immediate access to helpful products and information at any place or any time in all languages of the partnership: The products of this project will be available not only as interactive web-based contents, but also as mobile apps.
  • including refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who have no or only little command of the host country’s language: Thus the materials will be translated – also into Arabic and Pashtun.

The primary target groups for our project are adults who are caring for a family member with mental disease. The secondary target group are people working in health and social care organisations who can inform family caregivers about the existence of our Guidelines and Resource Pack or use the materials in their information and counselling activities. Also refugee and migrant counsellors belong to this target group, as they can disseminate the materials among their clients. Stakeholders are the key actors in public health care and institutions dealing with migrants and the integration of refugees.

More information on the project is available on the Family Caregiver Support Website.

Project duration: 2018 – 2020