Counselling and Guidance


D-CULT Digital Cultural Literacy as a Means for Integrating New European Citizens D-Cult aims to standardise a method for the acquisition of a European Cultural Literacy through digital mediain order to integrate new migrant citizens, while fully respecting their cultures of origin. To this end, a ​5-country Partnership was created, bringing together highly experienced organisations …

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Prevent Prevent Radicalisation – Supports for Professionals in Their Work with Refugees and Migrants The unexpected dimension of the refugee crisis has hit Europe unprepared, and it challenges, apart from logistical problems, also the large number of professionals and volunteers who work with receiving, helping, teaching and integrating refugees. This huge task requires not only …

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People with Special Needs

People with Special Needs Qualification possibilities, specially for ICT Auxiliary tools for people with special needs Adaptation of working places Social and psychological aspects Finding possibilities Project duration: 1996 – 1998

Soft Skills

Soft Skills The project focused on the implementation of personal key qualifications into the vocational qualification scheme in EU pre-accession countries. From former experience in Central and East European countries, we had found out that the “technical” aspects of vocational qualification show high standards, whereas the necessity of integration of personal key qualifications were very …

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Best Selection

Best Selection of Vocational Guidance Methods A collection of effective methods The project disseminated eight innovative and successfully tested vocational guidance concepts which had been developed between 1995 and 1999 with the support of various EU programmes. It also developed and disseminated a selection and decision matrix for implementing successful vocational guidance methods. EU programme:EU-Programm: …

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Labour Office

Labour Office & Clients Improving the Communication Between Labour Office Advisers and their Client The main objective of the project is to raise awareness for the importance of personal competences in the job counselling and job mediation process. In order to achieve better matching results, labour office staff working with job seekers and with employers …

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