Food Literacy

A New Horizontal Theme in Adult Education and Counselling

Food Literacy – a New Horizontal Theme in Adult Education and Counselling

The main objective of the project is to establish “food literacy” as a horizontal theme in adult education and to consider it as a personal core competence, such as “computer literacy” or “consumer literacy”.

The project objectives:

  • to raise the awareness of multipliers in adult education to issues concerning food literacy
  • to develop materials that enable these multipliers to incorporate aspects of nutrition competence and culinary culture in their courses
  • to raise the awareness of institutions working with clients from socially and/or economically disadvantaged target groups who cannot be reached with conventional adult education offers
  • to show how food or nutrition campaigns will have to be complemented with target group specific educational offers in order to lead to sustainable results

The two main outputs “Guidelines for Introducing Food into Adult Education and Adult Counselling” and “Tool Box” can be downloaded at the project homepage.


Project Duration: 2005 – 2007