Basic Skills

Golden Goal

Golden Goal Basic Skills & Communication Training with integrated Sport Activities The overall objective of this GRUNDTVIG project is to enable young disadvantaged adults with particular “education resistance” to score their “Golden Goal” by improving their literacy and numeracy skills, and to promote their social and cultural integration into society. In order to achieve this, …

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Support the Ways to Literacy

Support the Ways to Literacy There is a widespread need to detect basic skills deficiencies during early stages of social, vocational or educational counselling. Because people who are embarrassed by their lack of literacy and numeracy skills successfully hide their deficits, advisers working in these fields have to be trained to employ strategies and methods …

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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Competencies for Adult Learners Financial literacy is the ability to understand money matters, to manage credit and debt and to make sound financial decisions. Considering the nowadays economical conjuncture it is urgent that citizens are given the appropriate instruments to manage their budgets and to become more aware of the several products and …

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