Golden Goal

Basic Skills & Communication Training with integrated Sport Activities

The overall objective of this GRUNDTVIG project is to enable young disadvantaged adults with particular “education resistance” to score their “Golden Goal” by improving their literacy and numeracy skills, and to promote their social and cultural integration into society. In order to achieve this, the specific objectives are:

  • To develop basic and social skills training concepts in combination with sporting activities (football, but also other sports depending on the local condition and the target groups), to attract participation and increase motivation
  • To develop a curriculum and methodological tool box containing sections for the special requirements of the following target groups: Educational drop-outs, ethnic minorities (especially immigrants and Roma), long-term unemployed young adults, socially marginalised persons.
  • To benefit from the public attention to the EURO 2008 European Football Championship by connecting adult education aspects with sporting activities, and to raise public awareness of the project’s aims by specifically designed Golden Goal Demonstration Events in each partner’s country.

Project duration: 2007 – 2009