Youth Counselling

Stop Dropout

Stop Dropout! Risk detection and flexible prevention against learners’ drop out The overall objective of the project is to reduce the drop out rates of learners in vocational education and training, by providing materials and tools for counsellors and trainers to develop their own skills in working with groups, to detect potential dropouts and the …

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Youth Counselling Against Radicalisation YCARE is a European project aimed at supporting youth counsellors in preventing and combatting radicalization. Eight countries participate in the project, Austria, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and The Netherlands. They develop exercises and activities for youth counsellors and collect guidelines and best practices. In recent years several national …

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VET Contra

VET Contra VET Teachers and Trainers Contra Radicalisation Radicalisation in schools: What can teachers do?Teachers and trainers – called „first-liners“ – need new skills and competences to be better prepared to deal with intercultural tensions between diverse groups of learners. They should be able to detect, at an early stage, indicators of radicalisation among their …

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