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Prevent Prevent Radicalisation – Supports for Professionals in Their Work with Refugees and Migrants The unexpected dimension of the refugee crisis has hit Europe unprepared, and it challenges, apart from logistical problems, also the large number of professionals and volunteers who work with receiving, helping, teaching and integrating refugees. This huge task requires not only …

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ValCoVol Validation of Competences Acquired in Volunteering Volunteering concerns three significant parts of the European society: seniors, young people and, as a consequence of the recent refugee wave, also refugees and immigrants. Click here for the project’s website: Project duration: 2016 – 2018


ReEntry Supporting Migrants into Entrepreneurship in Europe Supporting migrant entrepreneurs in Europe is an effective means of improving their social and economic integration; providing them with equal opportunities to become economically self-sufficient in their host countries and therefore to create a more secure life for themselves and their families. Migrant entrepreneurs can also provide services …

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VET Contra

VET Contra VET Teachers and Trainers Contra Radicalisation Radicalisation in schools: What can teachers do?Teachers and trainers – called „first-liners“ – need new skills and competences to be better prepared to deal with intercultural tensions between diverse groups of learners. They should be able to detect, at an early stage, indicators of radicalisation among their …

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