The Erasmus+ project VETcontra

The general objective of VETcontra is to provide teachers, trainers and youth workers with information about initiatives, materials and best practice solutions

  • to convey to their students how to live and work successfully in a pluralistic society
  • to deal with intercultural tensions between diverse groups of learners
  • to detect indicators of radicalisation among their learners
  • to identify who is at risk which is the best way of helping those who need support
  • to apply interventions in a preventive stage
  • to builds skills and motivation to take action against injustice
  • to create a better learning climate, better learning results and
  • to reduce racism and xenophobia in the classroom.

In order to reach these objectives, we have implemented an e-platform that will support the access to all initiatives and learning materials identified and collected in the project, especially for teaching in multicultural groups that give background information how to handle groups with intercultural tensions, based on social learning, ethics of participation, social language, social and emotional intelligence, conflict solving strategies.

You can find a summary of our research in a White Paper Report: VET Teachers Contra Radicalisation that will give an overview about the current situation of the specific project environment in the partners’ countries, present the initiatives, projects and materials provide best practice solutions for VET teachers and for practitioners working with marginalized people in vocational education.

The project has been terminated in February 2018. No further updates or maintenance will be made. Thank you for visiting