VETcontra is implemented by an experienced partnership of six education providers and non-profit organisations which have been previously involved in several informal networks or European project collaboration. What unites them is their dedication to the theme of the project, i.e. work with marginalised learners. The activities and expected outcomes fit into their strategy insofar that the identification of approaches, best practice examples and materials for intercultural communication is in line with their educational activities and course programmes.

E-C-C Verein für interdisziplinäre Bildung und Beratung, Würnitz / Austria
Our experts have been active in adult and vocational education for more than 20 years. They have developed concepts regarding early school leaving, training of social and intercultural competences.

Stichting Lessen in Geluk, Utrecht / The Netherlands
The foundation is a non-profit organisation for research, training, consulting and education on wellbeing. It has a network of experts, lecturers and trainers who cover their working fields (positive psychology, positive schools, resilience), training, coaching on educational projects and research.

INTEGRA INSTITUT, Institut za razvoj clovekovih potentialov, Velenje / Slovenia
INTEGRA operates a counselling and rehabilitation institute where in the past years a rising proportion of nationalities of the ex-Yugoslavian republics, especially from Kosovo, can be observed. The institute is confronted in its educational and counselling work with clients and learners whose majority has migration background from the Bosnian war.

QUALED obcianske zdruzenie pre kvalifikáciu a vdelávanje, Bratislava / Slovakia
The association has been actively involved in the development of innovative training tools in both vocational and adult education. During the long term cooperation with various educational organisations and the municipality of Žilina, the didactic team of QUALED has developed training materials targeting personal competences.

Asociación Aldaima, Granada / Spain
ALDAIMA is a collaborative organisation of the Andalusian regional government, which main objective is to facilitate family integration and protection of juveniles and adolescents under the guardianship of the Administration and to design training and insertion programmes to contribute to a suitable social integration of these young people.

KTP Spolecnost pro kvalifikaci na trhu prace, Oslavany / Czeck Republic
KTP has been actively involved in development of innovative training tools in both vocational and adult education. During the long-term cooperation with various educational organisations covering different areas of vocational training, the didactic team of KTP has proven the ability to influence diverse areas of education.