Save the date: 29th June 2022 – Online: Empowerment for volunteers – The CRISISS recognition system for soft skills of volunteers gained in crisis

The series of events begins with an online seminar offered by the German media k GmbH (coordinator of the CRISISS project) as part of the European Skills Week 2022. It is aimed at volunteers who have been involved in times of crisis such as the COVID 19 pandemic and who would like to qualitatively assess the informal skills they have acquired in the process.

The CRISISS assessment tool of social competences will be presented and explained. This enables volunteers to assess social skills. A certificate provides information about the result. The certificate can be used, for example, as proof of soft skills when looking for a job.

The event is also aimed at voluntary organisations that want to give their volunteers a meaningful proof of acquired social competences.

The event is also of interest to employers: They will learn how to assess the social competences of future employees, as these skills are becoming increasingly important in professional life.

The event will be offered in German language.
Click here for more information and registration.

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