The tangible project outputs are the catalogue, the database, an interactive communication forum and a blog. Their implementation has been set to take place at different milestones throughout the project duration. While some outputs have already been implemented, others will require more attention and therefore will take place during the second half of the project.

  • The first output to be established was the blog. It was implemented in June 2021 and will inform on relevant topics on a regular basis.
  • The second output will be audio files in English and German which inform about the most relevant developments concerning recognition of competences and skills
  • The third output will be the e-platform. It will support access to initiatives, materials and projects that can be considered as “exampes of good practice”. Until the e-platform is up and running, information on new found initiatives, materials and projects will be published within the blog, so make sure to subscribe to our blog.
  • The final output will be the “Catalogue for Recognition of Competences Acquired Through Volunteering”. It will give an overview about the current situation of the specific project environment in the partners’ countries, and present the initiatives, projects and materials.